Snowflakes (plug-in)

Snowflakes (plug-in) 1.0

Video plug-in for the Natura Sound Therapy application available online for free
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Blissive Software

“Snowflakes” is one of several Natura Sound Therapy visual plug-ins, available to download for free on the developer’s Web site. For those who don’t know the main application, Natura Sound Therapy, let’s make a brief description so they can understand what is this plug-in for. As its name suggest, Natura Sound Therapy works with sounds and images to provide you with a very relaxing experience. The sounds come in two types: natural sounds and man-produced sounds. On the natural sounds category you will find the following options: ocean waves, babbling brook, rain and thunders, singing birds, insects, chirping frogs, wind chimes, ambient space 1 and 2. In turn, each type in this category will offer two, three, and ever four different types of sounds. You will be able to turn on and off the sounds you like and adjust the volume level for each one of them, independently. This creates almost an infinite amount of possibilities and gives you the ability to create your perfect place. It has a visual window in which a video is played. You can select the video to playback from the ones you have installed. Each time you install a plug-in new videos will be added to your application.
Going back to “Snowflakes” plug-in, it’s not a real video but computer animation. It shows a winter day with pine trees being covered by a lot of snow falling from the sky. One downside of the plug-in and/or developer is that you cannot get a preview online of what you are about to download. In this case there’s no much risk to take because it’s a free plug-in.

Lionel Mira
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  • It's available for free online
  • It upgrades your Natura Sound Therapy base application


  • You can't get a preview online before buying
  • It's useless without the main application
  • It's not a real video but a computer animation
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